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A study of the tawatur, or the multiplicity of sources and narrators that verify the authenticity of Hadith al-Thaqalayn, when the Messenger of Allah (s) said: "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things (thaqalayn) among you: the Book of God and my kindred (`itrah), my household (Ahl al-Bayt), for indeed, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the Pond (of al-Kawthar on the Day of Judgment)."

In the name of Allah the all compassionate the all merciful
The rationale behind the name "Walqalam"
As human beings, we have been blessed with innumerous bounties of our Lord that we cannot count, even if we try to count them; a challenge declared by Allah (swt) in the Holy Quran in the form of this Ayah: . Unquestionably, pen is amongst the most powerful favors of Allah (swt) bestowed upon humankind by Him. It has a unique characteristic of recording and protecting the information and knowledge even in its most basic form. If we wish to truly understand the status of this unique favor of Allah (swt), we have to only look in the Holy Quran. Allah (swt) starts the chapter number 68 of the Qur'an with the following words: o By the pen, and what they write. (Surah 68 Ayah 1)
According to Arabic grammar "WalQalam" is an oath taken by the Almighty, which means "I swear by the Pen". Therefore in the opinion of the Quranic exegetes, this oath by pen is a clear sign of Qalam's (pen's) importance. This becomes clearer as the verse advances and discloses for us the functions of a pen when it says, ( wama yasturoon) "and what they write". One very key point to be noted here is that the word "Pen" in the Ayah isn't referring to the physical pen solely, which would have certainly restricted its use and importance, and would have rendered it into something having finite dimensions only. Hence, the word "pen" here is regarded as mere "an example" whose nature stretches beyond the physical realm. As a matter of fact, the subtle emphasis is on its ability to record information and knowledge; therefore, it becomes clear that the word "pen" serves as only a model here. It could be explained with this simple example: if a person speaks to another person and the latter remembers it, then here the tongue has acted as a pen that engraved the information in the mind of the listener. Another example would be: If a person looks at something and that glance gets imprinted in his memory, then here his eyesight has acted as a pen. Actually, the nature, the system governing the universe acts as a pen and thus records everything taking place around us and everywhere. Hence, PEN is the divine tool of our creator bestowed upon humankind to record, preserve, spread and transfer knowledge. With this short explanation we can comprehend the importance and role of a pen, its different dimensions and its characteristic of recording, preserving and protecting knowledge. We can only progress and advance if we build on the foundations laid by the past generations through their experiences and knowledge. This is what a pen does for us; it connects the past, the present and the future generations by transferring knowledge from one generation to another, from one people to another.


Keeping the above points in mind we have named our organization as "WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS".
WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS has embarked on a journey to awaken the humanity, especially Islamic Ummah from the deep slumber of ignorance. Our aim is to produce useful, practical and low cost valuable Islamic Material in the form of books, eBooks, and audio books etc. in different languages for the benefit of the humanity especially Muslim population. Reading of authentic Islamic books etc. produced by our professional and sincere team would certainly help them to become true Muslims, more responsible members of the society and better citizens of the country. WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS, hereby, pledges to produce such Islamic material and literature which would bring Muslim Ummah closer to their core values and would make them more aware of the Quran and Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them). This would also help them organize socially in such a manner that they live in peace, harmony and tranquility with members of other communities, thus, contributing positively in the progress of our beloved nation India. WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS believes in accountability for the literature published by it. So, it aims to publish only authentic and pure Islamic literature, focusing especially on the socio-economical aspects of the present Muslim society, to alleviate it from the poor social and economical conditions. Today, the Islamic society is suffering from various social and financial problems which have affected the true image of Islam. People judge Islam by the practices of Muslims and social evils have totally shattered its true image. It is high time when true face of Islam needs to be presented before the world. WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS is committed to preserve the old Islamic books digitally and make it available for the posterity. This will help the new generation to know about the works of the past Muslim scholars and will help the present and future generations to know their history in a better manner. This will also help the present day scholars to conduct researches in an easy manner. WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS would also produce quality audio books to reach out to those people who are unable to read due any reason. We pray to Allah (swt) by the sake of Muhammad (s) and his pure progeny to give us Taufiq (success) in our noble endeavors. And [as for] those who strive hard for Us, We will most certainly guide them in Our ways And Allah is most surely with the doers of good. (Surah Ankaboot Ayah 69) WALQALAM PUBLICATIONS
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