Dr. Kalbe Sadiq

Moulana Dr. Kalbe Sadiq is an internationally renowned Islamic scholar, thinker, reformer, educationist and preacher. He is known for his inclusive and broad minded interpretation of Islam. He was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India in a highly respected Shia family, The Khawandah-e-Ijtihaad. He has visited several countries for delivering lectures mostly in the Islamic month of Muharram.
He was born in 1939 in the city of Lucknow,the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. His father late Maulana Kalbe Husain was a prominent Islamic scholar and an excellent orator and his brother late Maulana Kalbe Abid was also a reputed Islamic scholar and pious Alim. He is the uncle of Shia Scholar Kalbe Jawad. He received his early education from the madrasa, Sultan ul Madaris. He then moved to Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh where he obtained a degree, Bachelor of Arts. He later went on to pursue his Masters degree in Arabic Literature from the same University. He got his doctoral degree from the Lucknow University He recites and presides over the mourning sessions in Muharram.

    Syed ul Ulema Allama Ali Naqi Naqvi

Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Naqi Naqvi ( Naqqan ) , was a mujtahid from Lucknow, India who graduated from Najaf, Iraq. He is famous for his writings in Urdu, including the books Shaheed-e-Insaniyat and Tareekh-e-Islam. He was one of the most highly regarded scholars of Shia Islam at his time. He was a genius of his time and wrote more than 100 books and 1000 short books. His books were published by him in 12 languages in India. He was the most learned scholar of all the times in Indian History.

Initial Education and Ijtihad

His first journey to Iraq with his family was in 1327 Hijri. His 'Bismillah' at the age of seven in Rauza-e-Imam Ali in Najaf, Iraq. He received his initial religious training by Aaqae Syed Mohammad Ali Shah Abdul Azeemi. After his father, Syed Abul Hasan, received his ijtihad, the family moved back to Lucknow when Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi was age 9. He became a mujtahid at the age of 27. He was given ijazah by Ayatollah Naaini. He taught Arabic and Persian at Lucknow University, Lucknow, India. Later he joined the Aligarh Muslim University in the Department of Shia Theology where he was its Chairman and was also on numerous occasions the Dean of the Faculty of Theology. He taught both the undergraduate students as well as post-graduate students. He was respected by all at the University. His second journey to Najaf was for his religious education in 1927, (1345 Hijri). He had already written and published four books before his journey to Iraq

  • 1. Rooh Aladab Sharah Alamiyatal Arab
  • 2. Albait Al Mamoor Fi Emaratal Qubur
  • 3. Faryaad e Musalmanane Aalam
  • 4. Altawae Haj Per Sharaee Nuqtae Nazar Se Bahas
  • He is the writer of hundreds of books on different islamic studies. Few of them are available here.

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    Mazhab aur AqalDownload
    Khuda ki marefatDownload
    Tafseer e Fasal ul Khitab Vol 1Download
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    Quran aur nizame hukumatDownload
    Tahreefe Quran Ki HaqeeqatDownload
    shaheede InsaniyatDownload
    Maktoobe Banaras(Controversy of Sheaheede insaniyat)Download
    Qatilan e Hussain Ka MazhabDownload
    Zinda-e-javed ka matamDownload
    Imamat e Aimma Asna e Ashari Aur QuranDownload
    Rahnumayan e IslamDownload
    Meraje InsaniyatDownload
    Radde wahabiyatDownload
    Tareekhe IslamDownload
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